Recommended Meteorlogical Reading

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Recommended Reading for Weather Enthusiast

Tim Vasquez

Who is Tim Vasquez? Tim Vasquez is among the top experts on weather analysis and forecasting. Tim began chasing in 1986, learning firsthand from master storm forecasters Alan Moller and Tim Marshall. He was an Air Force meteorologist during much of the 1990s, and forecasted weather in Africa for NATO humanitarian flights into Rwanda in 1994; for a ferry flight of the Space Shuttle and its carrier aircraft (Mission STS-68); for a 50th Anniversary flyover of B-1B bombers over Normandy; for the United Nations Command at Yongsan, Korea; and for F-117A Stealth Fighters at the Tonopah Test Range when the planes were still semi-secret. He programmed and wrote the Digital Atmosphere Workstation system which is in use by thousands of private meteorologists, hobbyists, and weather agencies worldwide. For five storm seasons, chasers have depended on him and his Chase Hotline briefing services, which positions storm chasers in the optimal spots for tornado action. His books, including Weather Forecasting Handbook, Weather Map Handbook, and Storm Chasing Handbook are popular titles and are used in weather courses at Valparaiso University, St. Cloud State University, the University of Georgia, St. Louis University, and the University of North Dakota, and by others.

Extreme American Weather
Storm Chasing Handbook
Weather Map Handbook
Weather Forecasting Handbook
Weather Forecasting Red Book

Basic Weather
Physical Geography
By Tom L. McKnight
ISBN: 0-13-145139-1

The Atmosphere
By Lutgens and Tartuck
ISBN: 0-13-101567-2

Radar for Meteorologist
By Ronald E. Rinehart, Ph.D
ISBN: 0-9658002-1-0

An Introduction to Satellite Image Interpretation
By Eric D. Conway and The Maryland Space Grant Consortium

The Climate of the Earth
By Paul E. Lydolph
Publisher: Rowmand & Littlefield, Publishere, INC.

Climatology An Atmospheric Science
By John E. Oliver / John J. Hidore
ISBN - 0-13-092205-6

Fundamentals of Hydrology
By Tim Davie
ISBN: 0-415-22029-7

Principles of Water Resources -
History, Development, Management, and Policy

by Thomas V. Cech
ISBN: 0-471-48475-X

Weather Map
How to Read & Interpret All Basic Weather Charts

By Peter R. Chaston
ISBN: 0-9645172-7-2

Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Hail!
By Peter R. Chaston
ISBN: 0-9645172-6-4

By Peter R. Chaston
ISBN: 0-9645172-2-1

An Invitation to Marine Science

By Tom Garrison
ISBN 13: 978-0-495-11286-0 or
ISBN 10: 0-495-11286-0

Weather Analysis
By Dusan Djuric
ISBN: 0-536-02363-8

Exercises for Weather and Climate
By Greg Carbone
ISBN: 0-13-101511-7

Natural Disasters
By Patrick L. Abbott
ISBN: 0-07-292198-6

ALL MST'S !!!!!
WEATHER for the Mariner

By William J. Kotsch, Rear Admiral, US Navy (RET)
ISBN: 0-87021-756-9
Official SWE book Wx'er for MST's

Advanced Meteorology
Introduction to Theoretical Meteorology

By Seymour L. Hess
ISBN: 0-88275-857-8

Advanced Meteorology
Plotting and Analyzing a Skewt Log-p Diagram
By Cyclogenesis, Inc.
ISBN: 1-881877-14-0

Advanced Meteorology
Meteorology for Scientists and Engineers
By Roland B. Stull
ISBN: 0-534-37214-7


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